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Access to 4shared with FTP and SFTP

Access to 4shared with FTP and SFTP

Access your 4shared account with FTP service and SFTP protocol. Download files from your 4shared account and upload them to 4shared with FTP or SFTP protocols.

4shared Premium users can access their accounts via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). In particular, they are provided with an option of FTP download and SFTP download of various files from 4shared. Do you know how to use FTP and SFTP?

Both of these options presuppose a number of benefits, which include:
  • The absence of advertisements.
  • Users’ ability to use all 4shared services with a default browser only.
As for the peculiarities of data transfer via FTP and SFTP, all files are transmitted through a highly-secure channel from users’ 4shared accounts to their PCs and laptops and vice versa.