Recover deleted files

Recover deleted files

4shared allows its users to restore deleted files from “Trash” folder if it’s necessary. Nothing is lost with 4shared!

Recover data easily back to the account. 4shared ‘Trash’ folder works as a regular recycle bin folder on your PC, however you can’t delete files from your account without adding them to “Trash” folder as you can do that on your computer.

During the work on a regular PC almost all accidental situations seem to be overcome, when you work online situation changes. When you delete something online, it is impossible to recover them. But 4shared is an exception. With 4shared you don’t have to google “how to recover”.
The situation with your files here is pretty easy. Just click on a “Restore” button near necessary file in a “Trash” folder.

Why data recovery tool is a must?
  • you frequently update data;
  • you forget about the backups;
  • you may accidentally delete something;
  • you have problems with electricity supply.
Therefore data recovery tool have to work to ensure protection for your data.
The situation looks irretrievable if you deleted files from “Trash” folder. For Premium users everything can change in a happy end if they write to 4shared Support team. Free users can also try this option.

We provide convenient and fast solutions to recover data for 4shared clients who have experienced data loss.